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Grow Lancer


The Last Lancer of Temple Knight Royal Guard. A balanced character that uses lance as a main weapon. They specialize in strength and agility which makes them excel at both offense and defense. Grow Lancer is a melee character that uses lance as its main weapon. Depending on the stats, Grow Lancers can have strong physical damage or elemental damage which makes them proficient in both hunting and PVP. The Grow Lancer character requires a character of a level of 200 or more in your account, to create. This restriction was removed the first week it was released, and everyone (even level 1 accounts) could create it.


Last lancer of the Imperial Knights. Utilizes one handed lance and a shield to freely execute both defensive and offensive skills, and combines the magical power of Arca with martial arts to yield powerful damage. Specialized in melee combat, they have high defense and are more resistant to elemental attacks compared to other characters. Also, by having retaliation/rage damage which can be increased by strength/agility, they are able to amplify their damage to extreme levels.


Newly created Grow Lancer start game in Lorencia map.
After completing this Quest, the character will evolve into higher Tier Character Class. This Quest is NOT repeatable.

Tier Class Require Bonus
1st Grow Lancer220 Level and WCoin purchase7 Stat Points per Level
3rd Mirage LancerCompleting the 3rd Class Upgrade questMaster Skill Tree
4th Shining LancerCompleting the 4th Class Upgrade QuestSkill Enhancement Tree

Favorite Builds

A character's stats are the foundation to the calculation of each of your character's attributes. Below we outline some build ideas to help you create the best character possible.

. .. ... Strength training improves the skills of yout weapons, which will give you additional attack power in PVP/PVM.
. .. ... Agility training, guides its ability in high attack speed and also in a considerable increase of elemental damage for PVP or PVM.

Experience and Levling

Game start with 1 level Grow Lancer But, the character possible made no more than 400 level and after 400 level experience not comes. To make 400+ level need Completing the 3rd Class Upgrade quest.

- Starting from this point, possible start Completing the 3rd Class Upgrade quest. After Completing the 3rd Class Upgrade quest character become Mirage Lancer. As bonus character unlock Master Skill Tree option.

Grow Lancer Combo system
The so-called "Combo" is a combination of skills dealt in a fashionable manner. If you connect a series of skills correctly, you will successfully perform a combo. When you deal a combo, you deal bonus damage.

How it work?
Combo has 2 phases:
  • 1. Unlock skill - skill that has to be fired first.
  • 2. Combo skills - skills which are used AFTER Unlock skill.
  • To fire combo you need to use each skill just one time, but if you think about it, you can use first and last skill 1-99 times, important part is that you use middle skill just one time.

    Combo damage formula:

    Grow Lancer 3rd class - Shining Lancer Master Skill Tree

    Upon reaching level 400, the character has the opportunity to pump additional skills (Skill Tree). A prerequisite is that the character has a 3rd profession. To see a list of the opportunities opened to you, press the "A" key in the game. The skill tree consists of 3 branches. They are individual for each class. Select a Skill from the Master Skill Tree to preview the details of it.

    Shining Lancer Master Skill Tree
    Info preparing...
    Shining Lancer Master Skill Tree
    Info preparing...
    Shining Lancer Master Skill Tree
    Info preparing...

    Weapons, Sets and Wings

    There are many unique types of equipment to collect in MU Online! From armor sets and weapons, to Wings and Pets, there are a total of 15* equipment slots for most character classes

    Swords, Axes, Maces, Scepters, Spears, Bows, Staffs, Books, Sticks, Quivers, Guns, Shields, Helms, Armors, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Wings

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