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Seed (Fire)

Posible variations
Fire (Increases DMG and Wizardry DMG for every 20 levels.+11,+12,+13,+14,+15)
Fire (Attack speed increase+7,+8,+9,+10,+11)
Fire (Maximum attack/Wizardry increase+30,+32,+35,+40,+45)
Fire (Minimum attack/Wizardry increase+20,+22,+25,+30,+35)
Fire (Attack/Wizardry increase+20,+22,+25,+30,+35)
Fire (AG cost decrease40%,41%,42%,43%,44%)

Seed (Water)

Posible variations
Water (Block rating increase10%,11%,12%,13%,14%)
Water (Defense increase+30,+33,+36,+39,+41)
Water (Shield protection increase100%,150%,250%,300%,350%)
Water (Damage reduction4%,5%,6%,7%,8%)
Water (Damage reflection5%,6%,7%,8%,9%)

Seed (Ice)

Posible variations
Ice (Monster destruction for the Life increase+250,+280,+310,+340,+372)
Ice (Monster destruction for the Mana increase+400,+450,+500,+550,+601)
Ice (Skill attack increase+37,+40,+45,+50,+57)
Ice (Attack rating increase+25,+27,+30,+35,+42)
Ice (Item durability increase30%,32%,34%,36%,40%)

Seed (Wind)

Posible variations
Wind (Automatic Life recovery increase+8,+10,+13,+16,+21)
Wind (Maximum Life increase+100,+115,+130,+145,+165)
Wind (Maximum Mana increase+150,+165,+180,+195,+215)
Wind (Automatic Mana recovery increase+7,+14,+21,+28,+37)
Wind (Maximum AG increase+70,+82,+95,+110,+126)
Wind (AG value increase+5,+7,+9,+11,+13)

Seed (Lightning)

Posible variations
Lightning (Excellent damage increase+15,+20,+25,+30,+36)
Lightning (Excellent damage rate increase10%,11%,12%,13%,14%)
Lightning (Critical damage increase+30,+32,+35,+40,+47)
Lightning (Critical damage rate increase8%,9%,10%,11%,12%)

Seed (Earth)

Posible variations
Earth (Strength increase+6,+8,+9,+10,+11)
Earth (Agility increase+1,+2,+3,+4,+5)
Earth (Health increase+30,+32,+34,+36,+38)
Earth (Energy increase+10,+12,+13,+15,+17)
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