Server Description

This is a free MU Online server for international audience. The server is using the orginal version of the game, including custom new maps, events, quests, items and features.

The server is created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for MU Online. Our server machines are located in a specialized EU zone datacenter which guarantees 100% uptime and lag-free gaming.

Server is middle experience server for easy leveling. High drop and success rates. You will find items and skills for all character classes at the shops. The maps are full of monster spots.

About Server

  • VersionPC Season 18 Part 1-1
  • Dynamic Experience500x
  • Item DropVIP+30%
  • StatusOnline
  • Online Players80
  • Server Load11%
  • Max Level +ML1,450
  • Stats per Level1.0 ~ 2.4
  • Max Stats32,000
  • Max Connections per Computer2
  • Ingame Commandshere

Reset settings

  • Reset TypeOnline in Game
  • Reset Command/reset
  • Reset Level400
  • Reset Cost1,000,000 zen * reset
  • Level after Reset1
  • Keeps Stats and free Stats
  • Keeps all Inventory and Store
  • Keeps all Muuns and Wares
  • Keeps Event Inventory
  • Keeps Helper settings
  • Keeps Marriage and Friends
  • Reward Coins+20 WC, +100 GP, +500 Ruud
  • Min Reset for GR200 ~ 1000

Reset Reward Items

  • 1 Resets RewardCondor Flame
  • 10 Resets RewardCondor Feather
  • 50 Resets RewardSealed Stone Shard
  • 100 Resets RewardAwakening
  • 200 Resets RewardGaruda`s Flame
  • 300 Resets RewardAncestral Spirit
  • 500 Resets RewardGhost Horse
  • 600 Resets RewardBlue Eye Anvil
  • 700 Resets RewardBrilliant Soul
  • 800 Resets RewardIce Dragon Rare
  • 900 Resets RewardManticore Anvil
  • 1000 Resets RewardWings of Power+15 FO

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Currently this is only one server.